Vizio H1 OLED TV Review: FINALLY a Realistic Price for OLED!

Jaime Rivera

Let's start a little exercise: Go online and check for the price of an OLED TV. Exactly, they're not cheap. It's the main reason I've struggled to try one out, because they're crazy expensive. On phones, OLED is the gold standard, but on TVs there are a few problems, like the case of burn-in, which you don't really deal with on phones because of tricks like pixel shifting, and also because the average consumer doesn't hold on to a phone for 7 to 8 years like the owner of a TV will. For those prices, might as well get an LCD until the technology matures, right?

Well, what happens when a company seriously undercuts its competition, in a way where they price their OLED so well, that it makes you debate considering this over an LED LCD? This is the 65-inch VIZIO OLED, matched with their latest Elevate Sound bar. A total package that is not really what I would call affordable, unless you try to compare what this same setup would cost from any other brand. VIZIO is known mostly for their affordable TVs so the question is how well does it handle the big leagues. 

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