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Sound bar pairing

Attach your soundbar directly to your TV in three simple steps.

Twist in

Simply twist the included thumbscrews into the bottom of compatible VIZIO TVs, no tools needed.


Plug in

Connect the soundbar to the TV using HDMI eARC and plug in the power cord for our simplest setup ever.


Snap on

Flip the soundbar upside down, align insertion points with the TV’s thumbscrews, and smoothly slide it into place until you feel a snap.

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Better together.

Frequently asked questions

A: At this time, the compatible TV models are listed below

  • Quantum Pro: VQP75C-84, VQP65C-84
  • Quantum: M65Q6-L4, M75Q6-L4
  • 4K: V655M-K04, V755M-K04, V4K55M-08, V4K55C-08,
    V4K65M-08, V4K65C-08, V4K70M-08, V4K75C-08, V4K75M-08, V4K86C-08
  • Soundbars: SV200M-08, SV210X-08, SV210M-08, SV510X-08, SV510M-08

A: All you need is a compatible VIZIO TV and Soundbar, and the two thumbscrews included in your soundbar box.

A: No additional tools necessary!

A: Yes, your existing soundbar will function as intended even if it is not QuickFit compatible. QuickFit is a mounting solution that won’t affect the functionality of your TV or soundbar.



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