HDTV: The Best Way To Enjoy "Breaking Bad" - VIZIO E-Series

Well, it’s finally upon us, the Breaking Bad series finale will air in a week’s time and if you are one of the “Bad” fans who are looking to recount some of the best scenes in TV drama history then the following lines are for you. Watching TV is the favorite pass time of children and adolescents alike. On average, people watch over forty hours of TV a week, which just goes to show how crazy people are when it comes to good old HDTV home entertainment.

With nearly three thousand TV channels readily available at the click of a button, the only real challenge today lies in scoping out a display that will be “picture perfect,” so to speak, to make the viewing experience even more memorable. The following are some of the newest HDTV options available at the market.

Vizio Smart HDTV:
If you want to experience brilliant HD quality entertainment at an affordable price then you should probably go with a brand that can give it to you like no other. The Vizio E-Series E320i-A0 HDTV has features like 200,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and a 720p resolution that gives you a rich detailed picture in every frame. Plus the vibrant sound of its SRS StudioSound HD technology is the cherry on the cake.

As if that wasn’t enough, VIZIO also gives you internet apps with its built-in Wi-Fi that enables instant internet streaming of your favorite movies, music, TV shows, and more all with the push of a button on the smart remote. The VIZIO E-Series 32" Class LED Smart TV comes with a modest price tag of $288.99 and gives you all the entertainment you will even need with a simple push of a button on its smart remote. 

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