VIZIO Accelerates Performance Products and Technologies in Q1 2010

-  VIZIO TruLED and Razor LEDs are up 85% over Q’4 2009 as they offered the #1 Best Selling LED LCD HDTV model in the U.S.

- VIZIO 50”+ size televisions sales are up 225% over 2009

- VIZIO high performance 1080p HDTV sales now represent 58% of the brands sales – up from 42% in Q’1 2009

- VIZIO premium XVT line up with 120/240Hz SPS technology HDTVs show a 250% increase from sales rates in Q’4 2009

- VIZIO Internet Apps (VIA) Connected HDTV Platform proves popular with early adopters with an impressive 70%+ connect rate

- VIZIO outpaces the industry with an average selling price growth of 27% for the quarter

-VIZIO places 2 TVs in Top 3 Best Sellers and the #1 leading LED LCD HDTV

Irvine, CA – May 28, 2010 -- VIZIO, America’s LCD HDTV Company, headquartered in Irvine, California announced today that many of its newest high performance products and technologies found greater success in Q’1 2010, reflected in significant average selling price improvements. Notable among these are the growth in LED and large screen (50”+) HDTVs that resulted in an average selling price that grew 27% for the quarter. VIZIO, which sold 1.066 million LCD HDTVs in the U.S. for the quarter, attributes much of its success to a 225% increase YoY in 50”+ size HDTVs, Full HD 1080p sales that represented over half of all TV sales, and a fast refresh rate 120+Hz SPS XVT Series that saw a 250% increase over Q’4 2009.

“Coming off a spectacular 2009, we see continued improvement and acceleration in our premium TV products. Americans continue to have a strong appetite for high performance TV products and are looking more and more to VIZIO for these latest technologies,” stated Laynie Newsome, VIZIO Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer. “We continue to remain focused on exceeding our customers’ expectations with exciting and innovative new products like VIZIO Internet Apps, Connected Blu-ray DVD Players, AV optimized wireless Internet routers and other Internet apps enabled entertainment systems.  We are expanding our high definition home theater sound collection, while launching 3D enabled LCD HDTVs, High Definition Personal Home Theater headphones, and razor thin LED LCD portable HDTVs.”

iSuppli U.S. TV Market Tracker – Preliminary Results

2010 Rank* Brand Unit Shipments (000's)  
2 Samsung 1,149 17.6%
2 VIZIO 1,086 16.3%
3 Sony 722 11.1%
4 Sanyo 513 7.9%
5 LG Electronics 500 7.7%
6 Toshiba 449 6.9%
  Others 2,126 32.6%
  Total 6,526 100.0%


*Source – iSuppli Corporation Q1 2010 U.S. TV Market Tracker Preliminary Results, thousands of units.

“An increasing portion of televisions sold in the United States in 2010 are higher end models with larger screen sizes and new features like LED backlighting and 120Hz and 240Hz refresh rates,” said Riddhi Patel, principal analyst, television systems, for the market research firm, iSuppli Corp., El Segundo, Calif. “Companies that can manage to stay on top of these trends will lead the market this year.”

According to Quixel Research, VIZIO’s strength in the quarter was driven in part by two of the top three best selling TVs in the U.S. - the VO320E (32”) and VA26L (26”), but also had the #1 Best Selling LED LCD model – the VM230 as well.

LCD TV Top Best Sellers by Units Q1 2010**






List Price




HD 720






HD 720






HD 720



**Source – Quixel Research

“VIZIO’s showing this quarter was very strong with Best Selling models at 32”, and 26” - covering the key sellers,” stated Tamaryn Pratt, Quixel Research.  “They did this at the same time while having a strong showing in value ranking among LED models with the #1 Best Selling LED TV in the U.S.”

DisplaySearch recently released their North America shipment results showing VIZIO’s continuing growth in large size (40”+) HDTVs and advanced technologies spurred in part by the success of the 55” and 47” TruLED Internet App HDTVs introduced this fall. VIZIO gains in these larger sizes and premium products garnered the brand an accelerated 27% increase in average selling price of $588 for Q’1 2010 over Q’4 2009’s $463 – this in a quarter that had the industry finding only a 6% ASP increase according to DisplaySearch.

"VIZIO continues to see strong growth in large screen sizes, with the 40"+ segment rising from 21% of shipments in Q4'09 to 32% of shipments in Q1'10. VIZIO also had the strongest improvement in average selling price among the top North Ameri