"You Can't Make Inexpensive TVs with Cheap Parts"---William Wang, VIZIO

February 1, 2010
By Tomohiro Otsuki

"Legacy companies." That's what William Wang, the man who has led VIZIO Inc. to become one of the top TV manufacturers in the United States, calls the companies who are still in the business from the age of CRT. Companies like Sony Corp., for example.

The numbers back up his confidence. According to iSuppli Corp., the number of LCD TV sets shipped by VIZIO in the third quarter of 2009 jumped 87% over the same term of the prior year, which is pretty astounding when you consider that the LCD TV market overall only grew 11% in the same period. VIZIO has been caught up in a number of patent fights since 2007, but is still going strong.

Rivals are pushing to differentiate themselves from VIZIO through functions and other means, but VIZIO was only a few quarters behind them in adopting a faster refresh rate, LED backlights, and other improvements. And of course VIZIO sets are less expensive, and the styling is not half bad.

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