VIZIO CEO claims the key to its low HDTV prices isn't cheap parts, just business strategy

Engadget HD
February 1, 2010
By Richard Lawler

As of late, VIZIO's been trying to turn around its reputation as simply a cheap HDTV manufacturer to that of a high quality TV maker with great features and low prices and the latest example is CEO William Wang's interview with Nikkei Electronics Asia. countering the opinions of many that its TVs are made of cheap parts that are lower quality and more likely to break he claims "You can't make inexpensive TVs with cheap parts" crediting the ability to keep prices low on its relationships with suppliers, reduced inventory management and smaller staff. Already a leader in U.S. sales, the company is taking aim at markets worldwide, if you're just writing off VIZIO TVs because of brand reputation, this interview and the new 2010 line of LED lit LCDs may both deserve a look. 

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