The iTV Doctor Is In!: VIZIO's Internet Apps

February 19, 2010

Like many of you, I was astounded by the Vizio commercial during the 2010 Super Bowl--robots grabbing Beyonce and a handful of Web sites and dropping them into a TV set. We've certainly seen our share of trade and consumer press about Yahoo! Widgets and other applications that are baked into high-end television sets. But press releases are a long way from spending a couple million bucks on a TV spot. Note that that same spot is getting substantial exposure during NBC's Olympic extravaganza.

So, with the guidance of some of the doctor's industry advisors (thanks, gang) I reached out to the Vizio folks to get a sense of their product strategy, and how that fits into the acceleration of interactive television in our cable/satellite/telco world. A Vizio spokesman assisted with much of the following information.

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