Samsung Overtaken by VIZIO in U.S. LCD TV Market

Telecoms Korea
February 24, 2010

Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest TV maker, was overtaken by Vizio, a U.S. liquid-crystal display (LCD) TV maker, in the U.S. LCD TV market last year, a market research firm said Wednesday.

Vizio accounted for 18.7 percent of the U.S. LCD TV market in 2009, surpassing the previous year’s No. 1 manufacturer Samsung Electronics, which shipped 5.6 million units and claimed 17.7 percent of the market, according to data by iSuppli.

Vizio’s shipment of LCD TVs surged 92.1 percent in 2009 from a year ago to 5.92 million units.

Japan’s Sony took the No. 3 ranking in the market last year with a 15.2 percent share, the data showed.

However, Samsung maintained its lead in the U.S. market for flat-panel TVs, which are comprised of LCD TVs and plasma sets, in 2009.

Samsung Electronics shipped 6.57 million flat-panel TVs to the U.S. market last year, claiming an 18.4 percent market share. Vizio came in second with 5.98 million units, claiming a 16.8 percent market share, according to data by the El Segundo, California-based technology market researcher.

Japan’s largest TV maker Sony and South Korea’s LG Electronics, the world’s second-largest TV maker, were the third and fourth largest seller of flat-panel TVs in the U.S. Sony shipped 3.68 million units, while LG sold 2.99 million in 2009, the data showed.

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