Vizio P-Series Quantum TV Review

Jaron Schneider

With the existence of TCL's excellent 6-Series, it's hard for the average person to justify paying more for a 4K TV if they can't see the benefit. Vizio might therefore seem to be in a tough spot competitively when it comes to the P-Series Quantum television, since it's $300 more expensive for the 65-inch than the same-sized TCL with many of the same promises.But Vizio packs the P-Series with just enough to make it a compelling buy, even if it is a bit more expensive.

The P-Series Quantum (not to be confused with the Quantum X which features almost 200 more local dimming zones) is, overall, a very good television with just a few niggling caveats. For those who don’t intend to make the most out of the P-Series's gaming features, the TCL 6-Series might still be a better buy. But for those looking for an all-around display for viewing HDR content and playing a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, you won't find a better television under $1000.

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