VIZIO OLED65-H1 65” 4K HDR Smart TV (2021 Model) – Full Review

David Novak

If you’re looking to choose a new TV during these “ultra-modern” days, you might end up feeling uncertain about what type of TV you should go for. While LCD or LED screen TVs create a single backlight that flows through a series of filters and polarizing layers, OLED TVs (A.K.A. Organic Light Emitting Diode TVs) on the other hand are a different type of TVs that are powered by a unique OLED technology, which basically energizes and lights up each individual pixel independently. To put it simply, this one-by-one approach to lighting the screen helps OLED TVs to deliver rich contrast and an outstanding color spectrum. Ultimately, that’s exactly what makes OLED TVs the best way to go for picture quality, and that even includes gamers. This brings us to the VIZIO OLED65-H1.

The VIZIO OLED65-H1 is a 65” 4K HDR Smart TV that features ultra-vivid color tones from up to a billion colors, as well as great shadows and brightness levels, all coming with extreme details in a 4K Ultra HD quality.

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