How to choose the best TV for gaming

R. Lawler

Vizio's 2020 P-Series Quantum X promises HDMI 2.1 support on all four HDMI inputs, however if you'd like to use premium features like 120 FPS, you're still stuck plugging the system into one of the two ports that support that. And in my experience, while features like 120 FPS 4K, VRR and HDR were beautiful when they all worked together, I had several instances where trying to enable them on either of the new consoles resulted in a rebooting TV or lost picture. I did successfully get them working after a fashion with Xbox Series X, and the TV's implementation of VRR worked well enough to make a game like Cyberpunk 2077 seem smoother even in its 30 FPS mode.

....Until Vizio pushed an update that seems to have fixed almost everything, at least for now. Suddenly the TV is properly recognized by my PS5 and Xbox Series X, and 120Hz switching happens without glitches and with HDR support every time. Call of Duty in high frame rate is one of the most responsive experiences I've ever had, and it felt like it changed the way I played the game. I could play Dirt 5 without the game crashing or losing connection with the display, with one exception that I'm not sure is the TV's fault. According to the company, the latest software also addresses NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility and adds support for NVIDIA cars outputting 4K at 120 fps, although I wasn't able to test that.

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