What’s so smart about the new featherweight Vizio V Series TV?

Collin Probst

When I found VIZIO’s newest release, their 55” V Series 4K HDR Smart TV, I was hooked. The price wasn’t bad, but the quality is phenomenal. The second I got my TV delivered I tore (gently took) down my 10-year-old 60” off my wall mount and mounted my new 55”. I love how easy the setup was, and how clean the TV itself is. The bezel is there, but not bad at all. Additionally, because I was able to mount it, I have everything hidden out of sight behind the TV. The moment I went to pull my old TV off my wall I immediately regretted trying to do it on my own. As I mentioned, it was 10 years old, so it was not just heavy, but very heavy, very large, and, therefore, very awkward. This is another area where my newly beloved VIZIO V Series 4K HDR Smart TV shined bright. While lifting my old TV made me break a sweat, my VIZIO was not the same. It was incredibly light and easy to mount.

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