Vizio MQ6 Series Quantum Review: An Outstanding Choice for Streaming and Gaming

Josh Smith

The new Vizio MQ6 Series Quantum is a great budget TV option with a handy voice remote, essential gaming features and an improved Smart TV experience.Vizio's M Series TVs are a consumer favorite for packing great features at a very tempting price. The new M Series Quantum includes the MQ7 and MQ6 TVs in an array of sizes. The Vizio M55Q6-J retails for $498 at Walmart.

I spent the last two weeks testing the new Vizio MQ6 Quantum, the entry-level M series. I'm impressed with the viewing angles, design and value that this set provides at the price. I used the built-in SmartCast software to watch Netflix and Apple TV. I also connected a PS5 to try the gaming features, including auto low latency mode with under 10 milliseconds of input lag and support for variable refresh rate.

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