New Vizio M-Series 4K Smart TV and Sound Bar Are a Budget-Friendly A/V Upgrade

Adam Bible

The M-Series TVs take 4K clarity to another level with technology that claims to give you over a billion colors—75 percent more than regular 4K TV—boosted brightness for better highlights, and a powerful backlight that works over 30 zones in the screen to balance brights and darks for deeper blacks and enhanced contrast. This line of TVs is also geared toward gamers, with a powerful processor that gives you less than 10ms of lag and up to 60Hz of variable refresh rate that smooths out graphics and gameplay. The 55-inch TV I tested lived up to the marketing hype and blew away my older Vizio setup—noticeably with color. Gaming on it was also a revelation at the price point, with no stutter or lag when running graphics-intensive games like The Witcher 3 and The Last of Us Part II.

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