Vizio Takes A Big Bite Of The Apple Experience Without The Apple Tax

David Bloom

The V-Series sound bar consists of four components: a 36-inch-long, three-speaker main bar that sits in front of the TV screen, a separately powered subwoofer (it’s a cube about 7.5 inches per side) that can be placed anywhere in a room, and two tiny satellite speakers with long cables that attach to and are powered by the subwoofer. In a nice touch, the satellite speakers even come with wall-mount brackets.

The resulting audio is excellent, particularly for the price, though you’ll probably need to spend a little time tweaking the location of the rear speakers to truly get the 5.1 surround experience. Several nice functions are tucked away in the instructions, such as TruVolume, which smooths out the volume changes that often happen when transitioning between a show and an ad. Because of the integration between Vizio’s TVs and sound bars, you normally don’t need to mess with the sound bar remote. You can control volume and mute from the TV remote.

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