The Best Soundbars, According to Sound Engineers and Professional Audiophiles

Jordan Bowman

After testing the Vizio M-Series Soundbar for a month, Bowman recommends it for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money, but who is interested in a full home-theater experience. The subwoofer and soundbar connect wirelessly, but the tiny side speakers have to connect via audio cables. He especially enjoyed the Dual Stereo Mode, which had such immersive sound that sound effects feel like they are creeping out of the back speakers, while the dialogue comes directly out of the soundbar. For anyone with a small space that isn’t conducive to speakers behind you, Vizio has something called Front Surround Mode. Line all the speakers up beside the TV and they create a virtual 5.1 system, which Bowman found to be very convincing, if slightly less immersive. The soundbar can also connect to a smart speaker, so you can control your smart appliances and smarthome via the soundbar or the Vizio remote.

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