Rolling Stone Essentials: 11 of Our Favorite Things to Buy This Month


If you’ve ever tried to upgrade your TV sound set up, it can be difficult to achieve that illusive theater-quality surround sound without breaking the bank. But one of VIZIO’s latest home theater sound bar, the V21x-J8 achieves all that and more, for just under $200. Take our word when we say the sound out of this 36-inch bar will seriously rock you in your couch seat. Thanks to a mix of Dolby Audio and DTS Digital Surround, your living room will transform into a booming cineplex (and bonus: it works especially well with 4K HDR content).

When we tested it, we found that the deep bass on the wireless subwoofer is heavier and more powerful than others at its price point, and makes a great companion for cinematic scores (Star Trek films and Disney+’s Loki sounded amazing). But the best feature isn’t even for the audiophiles in the room, it’s for those of us who have to plug it in: HDMI and ARC inputs lets you hook up only one cable and control the sound bar with your TV remote.

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