Vizio M-Series M65Q7-H1 Quantum TV | Great for Gaming, Cool for Content [Review]

Jason Million

A brand that has constantly kept itself in the television making scene is Vizio. As time progress they seem to get better providing an exquisite line of panels such as their OLED and P-Series. But if that maybe a bit too costly there is their very reliable M-Series. Vizio was nice enough to provide us with the M65Q7-H1 from their 2020 M-Series Quantum line. Its jam packed with processing power to make sure your viewing content is up to par, but I was more interested to see how it handles next-gen gaming from the likes of Sony’s PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X consoles. Vizio touts what they are calling a Pro Gaming Engine capable of handling your gaming needs but does it really?

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