Vizio OLED H1 Review

Jaron Schneider

"OLED televisions are wildly expensive." Well, that has been historically true, but Vizio decided to take a stand against that when the company released its first OLED 4K TV, the H1. At launch it was $500 cheaper than the king of OLED, the LG CX. Since both have been on the market a few months, that price gap has tightened a bit to around $200, which makes picking between these two televisions a bit more of a challenge.While I think that overall the LG CX is a better display, I think the Vizio is a better television. LG's webOS operating system is, in this reviewer's opinion, considerably worse than Vizio's latest SmartCast OS, making the Vizio a more pleasant daily-driver television than the CX for most people. And with pretty similar performance in the gaming arena, I have a feeling I’ll find myself recommending the Vizio OLED H1 to more people, more often.

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