Vizio M-Series 5.1 Soundbar review: Good sound at a solid price

Eric Abent

All in all, I’m walking away impressed by this system. At $449.99, it seems like it falls in the mid-range in terms of pricing, and I think the sound quality is good for the price you pay. The fact that Vizio seems to regularly discount it to $349.99 makes it even more of a deal: a Sonos Arc, for example, also supports Dolby Atmos but comes in at $799, and that’s without rear speakers or a subwoofer. Setup was a breeze, which earns the M-Series big points, and if the subwoofer and soundbar ever fall out of sync, re-establishing the connection between them is easy as well. It’s also very easy to balance the levels of the individual components in the package, so even if you can’t match Vizio’s ideal layout, you can still adjust everything to get the right sound for the space you have.

With a relatively small subwoofer and surround speakers, and that fact that you have some options when it comes to the arrangement of your speakers, I think this can also be ideal for small spaces. If you’re only using TV speakers or a soundbar in your audio set up, this could indeed be a good upgrade that won’t necessarily break the bank – at least not as much as other surround sound systems might.


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