Vizio M-Series 5.1 (M51a-H6) Review

Tim Gideon

The Vizio M-Series 5.1 (M51a-H6) is more than just a soundbar. In addition to the bar itself, which has three distinct drivers, it combines with an included subwoofer and two rear satellites to deliver true surround sound for just $349.99. The system delivers impressive audio performance, and if that’s your main priority, it’s easy to overlook the less glamorous aspects of the design, such as the fact that the rear channels are wired to the subwoofer. Sure, you can increase your budget and get a more intense surround system, but for the price, this is an excellent setup for anyone seeking movie theater-like rumble, and earns our Editors’ Choice award for budget-friendly 5.1 soundbars.

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