Vizio P-Series 4K UHD TV review: Vizio has upped its image-processing game. Color us impressed

Jon L. Jacobi

Vizio’s P-Series TVs have historically featured outstandingly accurate color and excellent peak brightness. Video processing? Not so much. Yet, as the test process for the company’s new-for-2021 model P65Q9-J01 unfolded, it quickly became apparent that Vizio has finally, thankfully, honed its processing chops. It’s not only as good as its more expensive rival’s, in some cases it’s arguably better. Nice turnaround, Vizio.

The  P65Q9-J01 is a much better TV than its predecessors, more than competitive with its like-priced rivals, and light years beyond the company’s V- and M-Series. It features all the latest technologies, plus an excellent picture for the price. Before my hands-on, I had it penciled in for four stars. It reached 4.5 with ease. Good on ya, Vizio.

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