VIZIO D-Series 40-inch TV Review: It’s Only $250?


I didn’t expect much from the D40f-J09’s build quality, given that it’s a $250 TV. But I’m mostly impressed by what Vizio put together here. Both the D40f-J09 and its included remote feel well-made, without any sharp plasticy corners, loose parts, or other obvious flaws. The speakers also sound great (for TV speakers) and can get very loud without making any rattling noises. Like most new TVs, the D40f-J09 is impressively thin and light (to the point that it feels fragile), so be sure to keep the box if you move around a lot. That said, I screwed on the TV’s legs on a hard floor, so maybe it’s more durable than what my instincts are telling me.

But unlike other affordable TVs, the D40f-J09 has a decent selection of inputs. Yeah, I could do with more than two HDMI ports, but there’s also optical audio, USB (for files or accessories), a coaxial jack (of course), and composite video ports with solid upscaling.

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