VIZIO 32″ 4.1 Sound Bar Review (SB3241n-H6)

Colt Agar

VIZIO’s 32″ 4.1 Sound Bar is a solid entry-level surround sound system for those on a tighter budget. There are some compromises in terms of build quality, features, and performance, but we can’t complain at such an affordable price. If you are scavenging together enough money for an entry-level sound system for your home theater, then the SB3241n-H6 is one to consider. However, if you can wait a little longer and save up, I’d recommend stepping up to one of VIZIO’s higher-end 5.1 surround sound models for only a bit more at just under $250. These higher-end surround sound systems will come packed with more features, better build quality, and improved audio quality especially at higher volumes. 

The SB3241n-H6 is ideal for those budget-conscious consumers who are looking to improve the listening experience of their TV’s internal speakers without breaking the bank in exchange for entry-level build quality and audio performance.

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