Review: Vizio OLED 4K UHD (2020)

Parker Hall

YOU CAN NOW get a microLED-backlit, 4K, high dynamic range display that will absolutely blow the socks off your 10-year-old TV for well under $1,000. But for a long time, one echelon of high-end TV tech has remained out of reach for most people: OLED.

In organic LED (OLED) displays, each pixel acts as its own backlight, whereas traditional LED TVs have one layer with the pixels and one layer that lights up the pixels. This is why you often see odd greys and poor shadow details in regular LED TVs; even dark scenes have to be lit at least somewhat. With OLED, contrast is perfect, because the blacks are totally black, thanks to the pixels being “off” when told to be black.

In previous years, even “affordable” OLED models hovered over the $1,500 mark. But this past Black Friday, Vizio's new OLED TV dipped to $900 (down from its $1,300 list price). I don’t want to belittle how great this TV looks, but the price alone makes it the most exciting TV of 2020. Finally, someone has made an OLED for the masses.

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*Note: The prices above reflect the retailer's listed prices at the time of publication.