The Best New TVs of 2020

Cameron Sherrill

Long gone are the days when 4K was an overpriced luxury. Now, as we venture into the world of OLED, 8K, Mini LED, and all those other hot phrases, the side effect is that we get a 4K TV for around 300 bucks. This Vizio is a great TV if you're looking for an upgrade to 4K or a larger screen. It is just smart enough, meaning it has access to your apps but won’t overdo it and add ten thousand features you'll never use. It displays about as full of color and as deep of blacks as you’re going to get without leaping into OLED or Mini LED technology. And as an added bonus, the TV has a “gaming mode” to tighten up those frame rates and make video games look even smoother. It will more than get the job done.

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