5 Best Gaming TVs Of 2018

By Forbes Finds 
May 16, 2018

If you’re looking for something more budget friendly but don’t want to compromise on quality or if you are concerned by the possibility of burn-in, the Vizio P Series 2017 is an excellent gaming TV at a much more affordable price point. It doesn’t have the perfect blacks or infinite contrast of the LG OLEDs, but it has excellent low input lag, an excellent response time and is a bit brighter than the C7.

The Vizio P Series 2017 has some features typically found on more expensive TVs like black frame insertion, which helps motion appear even smoother. It also has a great local dimming feature, which is particularly good for late night gaming sessions. The input lag when gaming in 4k with HDR is a bit high but is still good enough for most console gamers.

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