VIZIO Co-Star LT Media Streamer- Product Of The Week

If you are looking for an affordable gift this upcoming holiday season that will provide hours of entertainment enjoyment, consider the new Vizio Co-Star LT. The Co-Star LT is a compact media streamer that connects to the internet, via your internet router (either via built-in Wifi opr wired using optional USB/ethernet adapter), and to any TV that has an HDMI input connection.

Once connected to users can stream a host of movies and TV content from services such as, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, CrackleTV, Hulu Plus, and more from the Vizio Internet Apps platform as well as portable USB devices.

However, there two additional features that are very practical. One is the inclusion of an HDMI input that not only allows you pass through signals coming from an HD cable or satellite box through to your TV, but also allows you to navigate through the various internet apps while you are watching TV. 

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