VIZIO’s 42-Inch 5.1 Soundbar Setup Available Now, Costs $330

Vizio trotted out a new line of soundbars back at CES, and true to its word, they're starting to materialize out in the real world. It's the middle-child, 42-inch unit we're seeing become available today. As a refresher, the 5.1 system comes with a wireless subwoofer, Dolby Digital, DTS Digital Surround, Bluetooth, and a pair of rear satellite speakers. If that gap under your TV was calling out for this, then you can expect to see it at Amazon, Costco, and Walmart online, or Best Buy on both sides of the digital / physical realm (although it won't be in stores until May 27th). Wherever you get it from, expect to lay down $330 for the honor.

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