VIZIO Co-Star Stream Player Review

Do you ever feel like you aren’t getting what you should be out of various services you subscribe to?  Perfect examples for me – Netflix and Amazon Prime.  Lily and Bob use the Netflix streaming ALL of the time – on their iPad or iPod Touch usually.  I never get a chance to watch anything Netflix because it’s not hooked up to our tv and that’s where I watch my shows and movies.

Amazon Prime is a service that I love when it comes to the free 2-day shipping and the Kindle Lending Library.  But Prime also entitles members to access their online streaming content – over 150,000 tv shows and movies – many of which are free.  But again, I’m not big on watching tv on my computer (uh, because I’m always posting deals from it!).  If it’s not on a television screen, I’m probably not watching.

Enter a brand new piece of technology – the Co-Star Stream Player by Vizio.  When I first learned about this streaming device, I had high hopes but remained a little skeptical.  In order to use this player, you need to have Wi-Fi available in your home as well as an HDTV.

Right out of the box, you get the Co-Star unit itself as well as a remote control and instruction manual.

The Co-Star boasts many features that make this the “ultimate entertainment upgrade” for any high-definition television.

  •     Make any HDTV the Ultimate Smart TV**
  •     Combines TV and streaming entertainment
  •     Universal touchpad remote with keyboard
  •     Google TV – TV, Web, Games, Apps
  •     Web browser with Flash Player and HTML 5
  •     Search across live TV, the web, and apps
  •     Built-in Wifi for easy internet access
  •     Supports Full HD 1080p and 3D

We had to add an HDMI cable to connect the unit to our receiver. After plugging the Co-Star in and powering it up, the entertainment was pretty much instantaneous. It was ready to go right out of the box – nothing to install or set up.

I couldn’t decide what I wanted to check out first!

The remote control itself is AMAZING.  Not only does it have quick launch buttons for favorite apps (Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, etc) but the front also features a TOUCHSCREEN mouse for easy navigation!

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