Three Great-Sounding Affordable Sound Bars

Sound bars have always just been a step up from the yucky speakers built into TVs; the latest Sony, Vizio, and Sharp 'bars are breakthrough designs.

No one can deny the popularity of sound bar speakers, but I've always been frustrated by their sound quality. There were exceptions; the $899 Atlantic Technology PB-235 and $699 SpeakerCraft CS3 are quite good, but in the more popular $300-to-$400 range the 'bars weren't all that great. Granted, they were a big step up from TV speakers, but their sound was still a compromise, compared with what's available from the better $300-to-$400 Emotiva and Audioengine self-powered stereo speakers (they get hooked up from your TV's stereo analog jacks).

A few weeks ago I spent some time working on CNET reviews of the Sharp HT-SB60 (not yet live), Sony HT-CT260, and Vizio S4251w-B4 sound bar-wireless subwoofer systems, and I was thrilled to hear that each one represented an advance in sound quality over what was available even a year ago. They each sell for well under $400 online.

Starting with the Sony HT-CT260, I exercised its home theater muscles to good effect with "King Kong." When the great ape wrestled with dinosaurs in the jungle, I could feel their body slams. The HT-CT260 sounded best at soft-to-medium-loud volume -- pushed louder the sound grew harsh. Sony packed a lot of performance into a small and affordable package. Bass oomph is remarkable for such a small system.
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The Vizio S4251w-B4 can be set up as a bona fide 5.1-channel system with separate surround speakers, or without the surrounds as a 3.1-channel sound bar and wireless sub. Here's the cool part, if you use the surround speakers you don't have to run wires across the room from the front sound bar. No, you put the wireless sub in the back of the room, and connect the surround speakers to the sub (with wires).

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