Best VIZIO Co-Star Stream Player With Google TV – VAP430 Reviews

VIZIO Co-Star Stream Player With Google TV – VAP430, VIZIO is committed to continued innovation and to make Co-Star the best stream player by delivering the latest software updates automatically to Co-Star owners. We are excited to announce that a new update will be automatically delivered to Co-Star on November 12, 2012 and may take up to 10 days before all units complete the update. We appreciate the feedback from our customers and will continue to keep our customers informed as new features and updates are made available in the future.

- OTA2 (Version 4.6.0) update
- Co-Star Updated to Google TV Version 3
- Supports YouTube Pairing from Android smartphones and tablets
- Updated Amazon Instant Video App (now a full app experience)
- M-GO and VUDU streamlining

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