VIZIO M801D-A3 80-Inch LED/LCD Smart TV – Product Of The Week

Following up on its earlier announcement of it 2013 line of M-Series LED/LCD TVs, Vizio has announced that the largest set included in the series, the 80-inch M801d-A3, is now available for purchase. The M801d-A3 is not only the largest LED/LCD TV that Vizio has offered to consumers so far, but is one of the largest TVs available from any manufacturer (only Sharp makes a LED/LCD TV that is larger, coming in at 90-inches).

However, the 80-inch screen size and stylish edge-to-edge design isn't all that the M801d-A3 has to offer. This set incorporates everything you need for home theater TV viewing, including LED Edge Lighting (with smart dimming), 1080p native resolution, 120 Hz refresh rate, augmented with backlight scanning to achieve a 240Hz motion effect, and and a wide contrast ratio.

Also, with a TV this big you have to have both 2D and 3D viewing options (4 pairs of passive 3D glasses included), as well as fully integrated network connectivity (wired or wifi) that includes access to internet streaming content via Vizio's Internet Apps Plus platform (which includes MGO, 3DGo, Netflix, HuluPlus, Pandora, and more).

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