VIZIO And AMD’s Exclusive On Next-Gen A-Series Chips

When it comes to high-quality, cost-efficient electronics, Vizio’s dominated the consumer landscape for a minute. It’s wide range of affordable hi-def televisions speak for the company’s well-garnered reputation. Vizio built some buzz at the beginning of the year during its CES outing, showcasing a line of innovative devices including its new Tablet PC, Thin + Light Touch and All-in-One Touch PC. Power-wise, all three are powered by AMD’s special A-Series processors and dish out amazing benchmarks to push high-powered performance. Fashion junkies will appreciate the sleek finish of each, with the All-in-One flaunting a sick veneer that comes bundled with a powerful subwoofer, which serves as the PC’s power source. Having stepped into AMD’s E3 booth, We decide to catch up with the company to discuss its Big Three. Put these on your back-to-school list.

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