Review: VIZIO’s CA24T Is A Welcome Upgrade To An Already Stylish AIO

Vizio's latest version of the CA24T, a stylish and cleverly designed all-in-one, amends the deal-killing flaw of its previous iteration: a poor, TV-grade LCD. The CA24T's display now matches up nicely with the competition, and performance has improved. It remains expensive, however, and it has a slightly oddball keyboard and a touchpad instead of a mouse.

Better display to match the design
Styled in pewter, chrome, and black, the CA24T is a very nice looking all-in-one. Where its prior version suffered from a subpar, blurry display, the new CA24T's 1920-by-1080-pixel, 24-inch touchscreen is a vast improvement. The new display delivers crisp text, renders movies well, and is nicely responsive to touch and gestures. And, unlike many AIOs whose displays reach down to the desktop, it doesn't block the space behind it. The display portion sits well clear of the desktop on a long, narrow arm, and the base is low-profile and flat, so you can easily set things on it. 

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