VIZIO 55” Razor LED Smart TV Reviews. Native Resolution Or Upscale? 50 Awesome Blu-Rays For Under $200! (Video)

Taking a look this week at the 55” version of VIZIO’s M551D-A2R, that's’ their Razor LED Smart TV with Theater 3D technology. Right now it’s priced at get this, about a thousand fifty bucks on Amazon about five hundred less than the similar sized LG LA7400 that we showed you on episode 220. We will get into some of what makes this $500 cheaper. As far as the particularly M-series goes, we are talking sizes from 50” to 80” that include 1080p resolution, 240 hertz refresh rate technology, its likely 120 hertz refresh rate with scanning backlight system if you are curious. 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports for plugging in your storage devises. Wi-Fi is built in, and subjectively I found to be really good at picking up the local reception here in our challenging studio environment at least. Right off the bat I am going to say my favorite thing is the design, a great thin bezel design with metallic trim and a minimalist stand design that helps keep you focused right on the frame itself and makes it really kind of stand out. 

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