Top 70 Inch Flat Panel TVs

In the current market scenario for the 70 inch display screen, Sharp is leading, closely followed by Visio. For the amount you pay for this large screen size you should expect the picture quality to be excellent or there are other smaller sized TVs which offer good picture quality but at a lower price.

With limited manufacturers playing in the 70 inch segment its not difficult to choose a best flat panel TV in the market. The only deciding factor is which series you want to buy, as each brand releases the flat panel TVs improving their existing product line. We have given you our recommendations for the top rated 70 inch flat panel TVs based on the ReviewGist Scores which rates them on a scale from 1 to 100 combining the expert reviews from around the web.

VIZIO E701i-A3
The only other notable competitor for Vizio in the 70 inch flat panel segment is Sharp. With both brands offering good picture quality, Vizio has an edge over Sharp because of its lower pricing. The E701i-A3 offers a big screen with accurate color and very good bright-room performance. A VIA (Vizio Internet Apps) button in the remote lets you access the Smart TV apps without interrupting what you’re watching. The lack of 3D or Bluetooth connectivity or a dedicated hub for apps may seem like a setback for some but Vizio makes it up by way of ethernet for connecting to your home network to view media files.

Usually the picture quality decreases with increase in the screen size. But according to the HomeTheaterReview the E701i-A3 is surprisingly accurate and pleasing. The 2-sided remote with QWERTY keyboard makes searching and accessing the Smart TV apps easier, quicker and intuitive for using. The CNET reviews pointed out that the remote has small keys without backlight, uses infrared, meaning its front edge should be pointed towards to screen making it tedious to use. The PCMag review places the E701I-A3 as a very economical choice even though there are other TVs with better quality or less expensive.

Costing comparatively less than other 70 inch flat panels, with decent response times when accessing the Smart TV features, good picture quality and a slim design which adds to the decor of your living space is what the E701I-A3 offers you.

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