Hot New HDTVs Just Hitting The Market

It's the most wonderful time of the year to be a TV reviewer ... and a TV shopper. Black Friday and "Big Game" Sunday may get all the attention for the deep discounts you'll often find on televisions, but this is the season when many of the hottest TVs that were first debuted at January's Consumer Electronics Show finally hit store shelves. Those other seasons are great for people who are all about the deal, but for the enthusiast who's all about the tech, now is the time to go shopping. At the very least, treat yourself to some window shopping (be they literal windows or browser windows) to check out the latest and greatest that each manufacturer has to offer. And you know what? There may even be some discounts to be found, as retailers slash prices on last year's latest and greatest to make way for the new stuff. You may just find a great deal on a great TV that has as its only flaw a 2012 production date.

It's hard to believe that CES is almost six months behind us, and the accompanying hype may not be terribly fresh in your mind. You can always revisit our CES show report, but here's a quick reminder of some of the TVs that intrigued us, most of which are now available for purchase.

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