VIZIO Thin+Light with Windows 8

The VIZIO Thin + Light’s design takes innovation and engineering to new heights. Its razor-thin profile is made possible by a durable, anodized aluminum, unibody construction. The VIZIO Thin + Light is the Ultrabook® that is impossible to ignore. But don’t let its thin profile fool you - it outperforms notebooks twice its size. The high performance 15.6” and 14” models feature brilliant Full HD or HD+ display and SRS premium sound HD® for the best entertainment experience. Powered by 3rd generation Intel™ Core® processors, the VIZIO Thin + Light uses instant-on, flash-based SSD drives for speedy boot-ups.

The Thin + Light combines a custom-designed keyboard with the enhanced multi-gesture touchpad, to let you swipe, tap or pinch your way through native Windows™ 8 gestures with versatility and convenience. Additional smart innovations include a discreet venting system that pulls in cool air to eliminate unnecessary grills and fans. If good things come in small packages, this must be the best there is.

HD Display: The 15.6" Thin + Light's displays feature brilliant Full HD (1920 × 1080) resolution with premium IPS screen technology for a brighter picture, brilliant color and wider viewing angles, while the 14" Thin + Light display features HD+ (1600 x 900) resolution so you don't miss a single detail.

Microsoft Signature: Microsoft™ Signature is the best way to get the most out of Windows™ 8. No junkware is installed, and the built-in Windows™ Defender anti-virus software has no renewal fees - it's the best Windows™ experience on your VIZIO PC. You get ultimate performance right out of the box, no prep work required. That means no trial software to uninstall or nagging offers to slow you down. VIZIO PCs boot up faster and work more efficiently. The Thin + Light is a PC for consumers, so we've made sure every iota of computing power belongs to you-not a piece of unwanted bloatware.


Performance: The VIZO Thin + Light is part of a class of ultra-responsive long-lasting portable PCs that deliver high performance in a slim package. Powered by 3rd generation Intel™ Core® processors, they feature up 256 GB of SSD storage for speedy boot-ups and exceptionally fast performance.

Built-in Wi-Fi: With 802.11n dual-band WiFi, your network connections have never been faster and with USB 3.0, fast transfers and connections to external storage, printers and other peripherals have never been easier.

Sound: Despite its ultra-thin frame, the Thin + Light's audio packs a punch, providing rich, crystal-clear SRS Premium Sound HD® that's performance-tuned for superior audio quality.

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