VIZIO E420i 42-Inch LED/LCD Smart TV Review; “3 ½ Out Of 5 Stars”

Internet Streaming
The E420i also offers internet streaming features. Using the Vizio Internet Apps menu, you can access an abundance of internet streaming content, as well as the ability to add more via the Yahoo Connect TV Store. Some of the accessible services and sites include: Amazon Instant Video, Crackle TV, Vudu, HuluPlus, M-Go, Netflix, Pandora, and YouTube.

USB and Skype - But No DLNA
Access to audio, video, and still image files from direct insertion of USB flash drive-type devices. Also, another device you can connect to the E420i's USB port is the VIZIO XCV100 Internet Apps TV Video Camera (Compare Prices) which allows you make video phone calls via Skype.

It must also be pointed out that while the E420i can connect to your home network for the purposes of accessing the internet, it is not DLNA compatible. This means that this set cannot be used to access audio, video, or image content stored on network-connected PCs or media servers.

Ease of Use
The E2420i provides an extensive onscreen menu system to make adjustments and access content. The menu system is composed of two parts: a TV and Apps menu that runs along the bottom of the TV screen, which allows short cut access to the setting menus and selected internet and network media content (see supplementary photo), as well as a more comprehensive menu system that can be displayed on the left hand side of the screen (see supplementary photo).

Both menu display options are accessible via the side mounted control or provided IR remote. I found the menu system easy to navigate, including the ability to add new streaming services using the included Yahoo Connected TV Store.

However, although the remote control is compact and fits in an average-size hand well, I did feel that it wasn't always easy to use, especially in a darkened room, as it has very small buttons and is not backlit.

What I Liked About The Vizio E420i
1. Easy to unpack and set-up.
2. Even black level response across screen area.
3. Extensive video setting options.
4. Provides good selection of internet streaming options.
5. Good motion response.
6. Electronic version of complete user manual included in menu selection.
7. Non-glare Matte Screen
8. Input and output connections well-placed, spaced, and labeled.
9. Inclusion of both analog and digital audio outputs.
10. The remote control provides quick access buttons for Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and M-Go internet streaming services. 

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