VIZIO Co-Star Stream Player

The VIZIO Co-Star integrates live TV with apps and the web, all in a little black box you can plug into any TV. It streams entertainment in Full HD: movies, music, and games. It's 3D-ready and has built in WiFi and Bluetooth. The Co-Star has a custom easy-to-use interface that enhances any existing HDTV with thousands of apps, Google Chrome Web browsing and the best in streaming entertainment. Co-Star packs the power to deliver the ultimate entertainment upgrade for any HDTV.

The Co-Star features a full Internet browser with the blazing fast Google Chrome®. Combining live TV, the Web and apps into one experience, it allows you to search and access content from all of them without interrupting your viewing. With support for Adobe Flash Player™ and HTML 5 means you can access any of the popular Flash or HTML 5 enabled sites without limits. The Co-Star takes the entertainment experience to the next level like no other stream player before. With access to thousands of apps, including favorites like Netflix™, Amazon Instant Video, and iHeartRadio™.

Cloud Gaming: The VIZIO Co-Star is the first stream player to offer video games on demand through the OnLive™ Game Service. OnLive cloud gaming allows users to demo and play hundreds of top-tier video games instantly via their Co-Star, eliminating the need for a separate game console.

Price Tag: At $99 MSRP, the Co-Star is one of the best value streaming players on the market and easily transforms any HDTV into a smart TV instantly.

HDMI Pass-through: VIZIO Co-Star features HDMI pass through enabling users to overlay Google TV apps on top of live TV via Co-Star's HDMI input.

Advanced Technology: The VIZIO Co-Star incorporates a number of power user features intended to satisfy the variety of user demands, starting with support for 1080p Full HD and 3D entertainment. Built-in 802.11n WiFi provides easy wireless Internet access without unsightly wires, and thanks to the USB port, you can connect storage devices, keyboards and other peripherals. The VIZIO Co-Star also enables viewers to enjoy photos, music, and movies from any DLNA-enabled phone, tablet, or computer on the TV screen.

Multitasking Remote: The VIZIO Co-Star includes a universal IR/Bluetooth™ remote with an innovative touchpad that lets you touch, tap, scroll and drag. A full QWERTY keyboard helps users search for their favorite entertainment. The built-in IR blaster provides universal functionally, making it easy to control all your home entertainment devices with one remote. Using the Picture-in-Picture button, you can surf the web while watching your favorite TV show. When you're ready to switch apps, the V button quickly moves to another already-running app.

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