VIZIO All-in-One Touch PC

Elegantly combining a powerful PC with premium entertainment features and an expansive touchscreen display, the VIZIO All-in-One Touch PC with Windows 8™  does it all. With a stunning 24" or 27" diagonal Full HD touchscreen display, subwoofer-enhanced SRS 2.1 virtual surround audio, remote control and dual HDMI inputs for connecting cable boxes and game consoles, the VIZIO All-in-One Touch PC delivers serious entertainment. From the premium ten-finger enabled touchscreen display with multi-gesture support, to the ingeniously integrated subwoofer + power supply, the VIZIO All-in-One Touch PC redefines the Desktop PC with one show-stopping design. Featuring top-quality materials and design advancement that defy what's possible, these machines challenge the very notion of what a PC can be.

Ingeniously concealed within the VIZIO All-in-One PC's slim exterior lies state-of-the-art technology that drives its magnificent performance. Powered by the lighting-fast 3rd generation Intel™ Core® processors and the entirely reimagined Windows 8™  with the Microsoft™  Signature experience you can conveniently jump between the web, movies, shows and work with just a tap, swipe or pinch. The VIZIO All-in-One Touch PC is everything you need right at your fingertips.

Connectivity: Full-size HDMI inputs let you enjoy your favorite cable, satellite, and gaming, while the included remote allows the display to be used even when the PC is off. With 802.11n Dual-Band WiFi and 10/1000 Gigabit Ethernet on board, your network's connection has never been faster. And with USB 3.0 and eSata, fast transfers and connections to external storage, printers and other peripherals have never been easier. An integrated 1.3 MP HD camera and high-quality microphone makes staying connected with friends and family, effortless and fun.

Premium Sound: SRS Premium Sound HD® delivers rich, crystal-clear sound and dialogue, consistent volume and extra bass for an exceptional surround sound experience. Deep and resonant SRS Premium Sound HD® audio is custom-tuned for optimal audio performance that booms to life in 2.1 surround sound. The ingenious subwoofer also cuts clutter by serving as the power supply.

Microsoft Signature: Microsoft™ Signature is the best way to get the most out of Windows 8. Meticulous configuration, world-class security software and 90 day free Microsoft™ Signature support from Microsoft™. No junkware is installed, and the built-in Windows Defender™ anti-virus software has no renewal fees - it's the best Windows™ experience on your VIZIO PC.

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