VIZIO’S 5.1 Surround Soundbar Provides Big Audio At Budget Price For Home Theater System

It always strikes me as odd that so many people spend a fortune on really nice home theater systems but then skimp or neglect the most important piece – audio. I happen to be one of those folks. Which is sad, considering that I do review Blu-rays and DVDs. The reason I always skimp on the audio portion is that for me a nice 2.0 soundbar has always been “good enough”.

While I appreciate a great 5.1 surround sound set up, dealing with wires is a annoying. Vizio’s new 5.1 surround soundbar system is the first system that I’ve seriously considered having in my home, primarily because it is the first “virtually” wireless surround sound solution that I’ve found (and believe me, I’ve searched)...

“Vizio’s S4251 5.1 Surround soundbar hits the sweet spot of price vs. performance and has a nice range of rich, full-bodied sound that most non-audiophiles won’t be able to help but love. I liked it enough that I actually bought it.”

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