VIZIO CA24T-B0 Review And RatingsVIZIO CA24T-B0 Review And Ratings

HDTV manufacturer Vizio has spent about a year playing in the PC arena and sells a variety of tablets, laptops, and all-in-one desktops. We reviewed two of its all-in-ones last year, and this year's model, the $1,279 Vizio 24-inch All-in-One Touch PC (CA24T-B0), is no different from outside appearances. It features a sleek enclosure, including a unique power supply/subwoofer combo unit, and a wireless keyboard and touch pad. And because this is Vizio, the CA24T-B0 can ably fill the role of an HDTV monitor (when hooked up to a cable box or game console) in addition to its duties as a Windows 8 PC.

We take no issue with Vizio using the same design as last year's CA24T-A4 $906.99 at Amazon (aside from the same uncomfortable keyboard and less-useful-than-a-mouse touch pad), but we question the changes the company made on the inside. The CA24T-B0, based on a quad-core AMD processor, trailed last year's Intel-based model on every one of our application benchmarks while costing $30 more. It does boast a discrete AMD Radeon graphics processor, which offers improved 3D gaming and graphics performance compared with last year's model that relied on integrated Intel graphics.

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