9 Awesome Gadgets For Broke Geeks: VIZIO Razor LED TV

Gadgets cost money. A lot of money. And now that you’ve paid your taxes, you probably have no money. But that doesn’t mean denying yourself the joy of a shiny new gizmo to replace the worn-out junk you should have ditched last year.

There are plenty of affordable gadgets out there if you know where to look, and they’ll satisfy your geek needs without making your wallet hurl. We’re not talking dollar-store headphones and flea market knockoffs, either. We’ve vetted this stuff and know it’s all solid. You aren’t getting the best laptop or hottest phone, but none of this stuff will let you down.

This is the best gear for broke geeks.

TV: Vizio Razor LED TV, $1,000

OK, so this TV is a bit of a stretch if you’re truly broke. But for $1,000, you get a very big (and surprisingly nice) HDTV in the Vizio Razor LED TV. A grand is nearly half the price of competing models, and this baby’s also packed with apps that are easy to navigate with the keyboard-equipped remote. Tweak the image with all of the menu options, and choose between a slew of preset viewing options. It’s not a steal, by any means, but is a good value for what you get. Let’s just say the neighbors will think you paid a lot more for it. And hey, you can always sell your couch and dining table for the gadget.

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