VIZIO S4221W-C4 Review

Vizio really wanted to make an impression with their updated sound bars at the 2013 CES show. With a custom demo room setup to show them the sound was very impressive and made a lot of people take notice. Their 5.1 channel sound bar, the S4251W-B4, has set a high bar for performance and value in a true surround sound system.

The S4221W-C4 is very similar to that model. It removes the two center-channel drivers and the surround speakers, but keeps the same speakers for the left and right channels and the subwoofer. In doing so Vizio has sacrificed none of the quality that made the 5.1 channel version a success. The Vizio S4221W-C4 offers the best performance for both audio and video that I have heard from a sound bar in this price range.

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