Soundbar Roundup VIZIO S4221w-C4 “Sound & Vision Top Pick”

What’s a $249 soundbar doing in a test with models costing two times as much? Well, Vizio is currently number one in soundbar sales, so we thought we’d be remiss in excluding it. The S4221w-C4 is the most expensive of Vizio’s 2.1 soundbars. There’s also a 5.1 model, the $329 S4251w-B4, but we wanted to stick with 2.1 soundbars for this test.

The S4221w-C4 lacks HDMI input. But otherwise, it offers more inputs than most soundbars: RCA analog, 3.5mm analog, TosLink optical digital, coaxial digital, and a rear USB input. (The latter is marginally useful, though, because it plays only WAV files.)

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