A Sound Bar For Beginners

Vizio 3.0 Home Theater Sound Bar (S5430W)
How much should you expect to get out of a sound bar, anyway? A lot, judging by the number, variety, and prices of these audio supplements to flatscreen TVs. Vizio, which has made a name for itself delivering value in HDTVs, is aiming to do the same for sound bars.

With sound bar prices ranging from $80 to $1,800, the new Vizio 3.0 Home Theater Sound Bar is a relative bargain at $300. The main idea behind the category is to address the obvious fact that complete surround systems for home theaters have always been a royal pain in the fung shui to set up (even we groan when we have to test another system). A simple, single-cable sound bar would solve this for most folks, and it certainly would be an improvement over the built-in speakers in most sets. On these points, the Vizio 3.0 certainly delivers.

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