The VIZIO VTAB1008 Tablet is Your Couch Potato Deal of the Day

December 12, 2011
By Chris Beidelman

When I got my wisdom teeth pulled I was in some serious pain. I'm fairly certain the doctor braced his feet on my face for leverage and just yanked like crazy. This resulted in me being on some rather serious pain-killers for something like ten days. That whole period was a blur. I watched virtually every movie I had ever intended to see, but once the drug-fog lifted I couldn't remember any of them. From time to time, though, I'd be watching a movie and want to look something up. I'd hunt for remotes to stop the movie, walk over to my computer, look it up, then go back, hunt for the remote again (okay, my room was messy... I was on meds, leave me alone), and resume. This all would have been so much easier if I'd had the Vizio VTAB1008 <>. Not only does it act as a universal remote, but it's also a low-end Android tablet. 

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