VIZIO: Take One Tablet and Call Me in the Morning

Daily News
September 13, 2011
By David Weiss

Leave it to the leaner and meaner folks at Vizio -- they have become well-known for breaking the price barrier on great-looking flat-screen TV's, and are now making a similar approach at the burgeoning tablet market. Just as HP was deciding to abandon the format made famous by Apple with its iPad, Vizio steps boldly forward with a sleek, efficient and highly affordable rig -- Amazon currently is advertising them at $289 bucks, the price of a smartphone! But does it perform?

You betcha. The eight-inch screen is bright and sharp, and at 1.2 pounds the Tablet is at great fighting weight -- it feels sturdy and solid and has great viewing angles. It has a 1GHz single processor and 512MB of RAM, specs that lend themselves to the Vizio Tablet's great battery life (eleven hours!). The Vizio Internet Apps Plus interface is intuitive to use and highly friendly, even to neophytes. And the three speaker sound system ensures that you won't be covering up multi-media and gaming audio with your hands.

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